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How to Log into Zoho Mail Account?

If we talk about an integrated email suite which offers its users the complete package which includes calendar, notes, contacts, tasks and bookmarks too then it is none other than the Zoho Mail

Zoho email has over 15 million trusted users but there are still many people who do not have any idea about the Zoho login procedure and we are here for the help of such users only we will provide a proper guide for them to go for the login process of the Zoho email

  1. For the first step you have to open the web browser you use on your device and then using the browser you opted for you have to go to the official site of the Zoho email which is the Zoho pricing page or there is another way to the users can directly go to the link given

  2. Now for the second step of Zoho mail sign in you have to select whether you are an owner of a business email account or a personal email account. 

  3. Later on you will have to enter the details of your account like the username for the email address along with the password you use for the login process; you have to make sure that the details entered by you are entered correctly and you have filled up the details without making any mistakes. 

  4. Once the details are entered you just have to click on the login option to complete the process of the login. 

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